Journalist gives tips on how to make over a bathroom

Homeowners can update their bathrooms easily, if tips from journalist Patricia Lockwood are anything to go by.

Writing for, she claims that one of the easiest things to do for a quick update is to paint bathrooms a different colour in order to transform them. She wrote: “…give your vanity, walls & ceiling new life with a fresh coat of paint. This is your chance to completely transform your bathroom in an afternoon.”

Lockwood recommended that walls are kept a neutral white and that furniture (as well as millwork) is painted a bold colour, such as a “dramatic red”.

Other tips to refresh bathrooms include installing a new shower curtain and modernising hardware/lighting, which the journalist claims can add “little punches of personality”. DIY enthusiasts may also want to change the type of worktop in their bathroom for a new, eye-catching look.

An article published on last month also recommended lighting as a good tool for updating bathrooms, claiming that it is an inexpensive option which could have a big effect.

Purchasing luxurious, high-quality towels, adding a mirror, including some artwork and putting out some fresh flowers can transform a bathroom too, it added. All in all, it seems there are plenty of ways to give bathrooms a quick refresh.