Kitchen and bathroom remodelling are cost-effective home improvement tasks

The remodelling of a kitchen or bathroom have been listed amongst the most effective home improvement tasks to add value to a home.

Both of these tasks were named in a new infographic produced by Evolution Money as useful ways of boosting a house’s worth.

The infographic, published on, suggested that the average cost of kitchen remodelling was around £6,300 and that this tended to add 4.6 per cent to the recommended price of a home.

Bathroom remodelling projects were said to add 2.9 per cent onto a home value’s at an average cost of £3,000.

Rather than completely remodel a kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners choose simply to make one luxury addition at a time. The installation of granite worktops, for example, can add a touch of class to either of these rooms. In an interview with, Evolution Money’s press officer Darren Harbrecht-Parker suggested it wasn’t always necessary to give these rooms a complete refurbishment in order to boost a home’s value.

“Completely refitting kitchens and bathrooms can be a costly job. However, by remodelling them you can still add value to a home and get the desired affect,” he said. also published a series of hints and tips for renovating a bathroom without breaking the bank. Suggested investments included super-cheap purchases like plants, a towel rack or new shelves.