Kitchens need to be durable, says TV set designer

A TV set designer has claimed that homeowners need to decorate their kitchens so that they are durable.

Courtney Cachet, who has worked for the likes of VH1 and US TV channel ABC, claimed that like TV sets, kitchens are usually one of the busiest rooms in the household, so fabric and surfaces that are used need to be durable.

She also suggests that homeowner avoid shiny surfaces in their kitchen as they show finger prints, scratches and glare “like you wouldn’t believe.” Granite worktops may also be a good material to use in this case, as wood for units, which is suggested by the designer.

A post published on recommends that those using wood in their interiors may want to team it with white as the two work well together and can be easy on the eye.

As well as having a durable kitchen, Ms Cachet also gives a number of other tips for the home that she has learnt throughout her time of being a TV set designer. These include making sure homeowners stick to a budget. However, she claims that those who have a small sum to spend on their interiors shouldn’t worry, as it can result in a more personal result.

She told “…budgets breed creativity [you] never knew you had. Whether your budget is slightly depressing or you’re a total baller, it actually makes less of a difference than you think. The important thing is to be realistic about how much cash you have and operate accordingly.”