Kitchens see year-on-year growth

Kitchens have seen growth year-on-year, along with cooking utensils. Market research company GfK released results that show a growth of 12 per cent, according to

In the DIY sector, kitchens performed the best, while showers and bathrooms felt a decline of seven per cent. The kitchen appears to be taking centre stage for people as they spend money on remodelling.

The success of shows like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ could be attributed to a rise in the popularity of cooking, which may be encouraging people to invest in new kitchens. Sales of bakeware after the final of the baking show in October 2012 soared to an all-time high, with annual sales up by 34 per cent from 2009.

GfK also posted good results for pots and pans, particularly in the high-end sector, showing kitchenware in general has seen an increase.

According to, granite is the number one choice for kitchen worktops, but quartz comes in at a close second. Updating the kitchen as a whole may be a popular option for people looking to get into home cooking.

The kitchen is thought to be a focal point of the home, with hot beverage makers and food preparation having seen growth recently, according to the GfK figures.