More families heading into the kitchen to cook from scratch, claims Lakeland

An increasing number of Britons are spending more time in the kitchen as programs like Great British Bake Off are enticing people back to making their own meals, reports

According to kitchenware firm Lakeland, sales of bread-making machines and pastry/pie kits are through the roof as more people try their hand at making meals over purchasing processed food.

In addition, market research firm Mintel suggests the Great British Bake Off has triggered a baking craze with the number of baking ingredients and products launched in the UK last year reaching 213. The number launched so far this year stands at 208, according to

However, those returning to the kitchen may wish to assess the suitability of their kitchen tops to ensure they are appropriate for messy activities like pie baking or break-making, for instance.

Another catalyst for the rise in home cooking is the horsemeat scandal, which has ‘rocked the frozen food industry’.

Matthew Canwell, Lakeland buying director, commented on the scenes: “…In general people are rediscovering the joy of cooking. They have started making their own food again and are now realising it’s not as hard as they may have thought.

“The home baking and home making trend has been growing but it’s really taken off,” he added.