Shower seats are the new bathroom trend, according to industry expert

An industry expert has claimed that bathroom seats are the new upcoming trend for bathrooms.

Megan Jansky, Director of Marketing and Communications at Chicago-based company Luxury Bath, claims that the company is seeing a massive demand for the products.

She told “We’re really seeing a demand in the increase of shower seats for our entire bathroom remodelling product line. The seats seem to answer so many problems bathers face in the shower.”

Janksy also claims that a guide telling homeowners how they have find the perfect shower seat has been downloaded “thousands” of times by internet users.

According to, updating a bathroom is one of the rooms that homeowners are most likely to update this summer, with bathroom expert Alan Zielinski telling the media outlet: “Because the bathroom is small, folks are giving that room an identity. That’s opened it up to make it a lot of fun.”

Little touches, such as the shower seat can help do this, as well as other changes that could be made, such as re-painting the walls, installing a different bathroom worktop or adding fun accessories. he post also recommends technology for the bathroom, which it claims is a growing trend. For example, there are now products on offer such as a wireless speaker for showerheads.