Students design “Wellbeing Toilet” which forces users to squat instead of sit

Three London students are trying to make fundamental changes to the way we use the toilet.

Sam Sheard, Pierre Papet and Victor Johansson, from Central St Martin’s College at the University of Arts London, have created a toilet designed in a way which forces users to squat instead of sit.

They say that squatting is a much healthier position to adopt on the toilet, as sitting can obstruct the bowels, potentially leading to constipation or even serious colon infections. As such, they have named their invention the “Wellbeing Toilet” and are now exploring the possibility of increased production.

According to, the trio designed the toilet as part of a “toilet of the future” competition, organised by plumbing company Dyno-Rod Drains.

All three students have made it clear that it will be tough to convince people to change the way people they use the toilet, as we’ve all been doing it the same way for at least 130 years.

In an interview with, Victor Johansson explained: “Essentially, this toilet is forcing a new way of sitting which to a large extent doesn’t exist, culturally speaking, in the west yet. But I think when people start realising the benefits they might be tempted to switch.”