Three ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Whether you’ve just finished work on a new home or you’re just looking for ways to improve your humble abode, we all quietly hope to live in a home with some kerb appeal. Don’t be perturbed – wanting to live in a stunning home is not to be narcissistic or ego-driven. It’s more about pride and your own quality of life than anything else- although it would be nice to make visitors and passers-by go “Wow!”

To give your home the ability to always make an excellent first impression, here are three ways you can boost its kerb appeal.

1. Spruce up the entrance

Start with your front door and work outwards. A simple lick of paint can transform a dull and tired doorway into one that’s warm and inviting, while some appropriate period features – e.g. a Victorian door knocker for a Victorian house – bring a touch of elegance to proceedings.

The right lighting truly sets the mood and can make evening guests feel like they’re entering far more exclusive. Lights either side of your front door can create a relaxing symmetry, and if visitors have to walk through a long front garden before they give you a knock, remember that the best garden lighting goes unseen.

Don’t forget about your front windows – dirty glass and rotting window ledges are a big no-no. While you’re doing the door, you can add a new layer of paint to your window ledges, too. The door and ledges don’t necessarily have to match – be creative and throw some of your own personality into the mix, and ensure you regularly clean your windows so that they show off your interior (we’ll get to that in the third tip).

2. Give your garden some TLC

Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, a little tender lovin’ care will go a long way. Plain concrete patios look fantastic with some large plant pots and window boxes added to them, while ‘greening’ up your grass with some fresh flowers and decoration gives a taster of what the inside of your home is like; if you decorate your garden this nicely then the inside is bound to be beautiful.

You wouldn’t let your hair grow unnecessarily wild and messy, so don’t let your garden do it either. Get the lawnmower out regularly and keep your grass and bushes nicely trimmed. Garden ornaments are often a risky move – what you think is tacky other people might love, and vice versa – but when presented well expect your kerb appeal to move up a notch.

3. Show off the inside…outside

Once your windows are immaculately clean, you’re going to want to take care of the inside of your home that’s now on display – starting with your curtains. Ensuring that your curtain linings and blinds match in the downstairs windows is a nice way to demonstrate continuity, but make sure you keep them open (when appropriate) before dark.

Here’s where having custom and bespoke furnishings can really give your home the wow factor. If your kitchen is on display at the front of the house but you don’t feel confident in its appearance, you might want to consider a new design with a high-quality granite or quartz worktop that will make spectators both inside and out jealous. Obviously, it’s more for you than anyone else, and the worktop must be practical and durable as well as being an aesthetic delight. You deserve a kitchen that exceeds your expectations, and a beautiful bespoke worktop adds a stunning finish.

Or perhaps it’s your living room that is the first thing people see? Whether you’re redesigning it or just looking to enhance the existing living room layout, a seductive stone fireplace will always attract attention, as well as keeping you warm in the colder months. Limestone, granite, slate – all stones can be made to fit into your home exactly as you imagine it.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas on how you can truly give your home kerb appeal – both inside and out. Once you’ve applied our tips to your humble abode, prepare yourself – you’re going to hear “Wow!” a lot!