Aim to be timeless, urges design columnist

A columnist has urged people to aim for a timeless quality within their home’s interior design.

Debbie Travis, writing for, explained that this timeless style in a room can make it ‘so dear’ to homeowners. Referencing a new book by interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland, she described how people can draw on different themes from around the world, such as Baroque panelling reminiscent of London or sandy shades bringing to mind the Moroccan aesthetic.

For the columnist, the materials used are crucial when it comes to decorating a space, as they can connect the viewer to times gone past. The quality of materials used in any room in the house may also affect the maintenance and care required.

Ms Travis said: ‘In experimenting with so many wonderful styles of furnishings and shades of colour, there is one quality that I tend to seek out. I take special delight in what I think of as “Forever Style”. You find it in rooms that have a story to tell, a story that has been lived and told over and over again.’

The book being referenced was ‘Timeless Interiors’, which is described as being a great showcase for Ms Ireland’s ability to marry the past comfortably with the present.

For those who prefer something slightly more modern, a two-toned effect described on this week may be more appropriate. It suggested using light wood with white furniture and decor, including a whitewashed wood floor – giving the impression of a breezy beach house.