Contemporary clocks become stylish kitchen piece

Contemporary clocks could become a popular choice for kitchens, with quirky designs in particular taking centre stage. showcased a selection of unusual designs available from interior furnishings website, Achica. Brightly coloured balls on the end of silver spines were the feature of one particular timepiece, offering a splash of colour to a muted paint scheme.

A black outline of flying birds was another design that could look outstanding above the kitchen table, working well with granite worktops and white cupboards. The clocks, from a selection by Karlsson, are all eye-catching pieces that could easily become the focal point of a room. reports that retro designs are also a popular choice and look great in the living room, when colour-coordinated to the rest of the room.

A kitchen clock is particularly useful for breakfast time, when it’s likely people will need to keep track of the time to ensure they don’t leave late for work.

With the recent rumours around smart watches being released by the big mobile phone companies, it seems timepieces are having a revival, becoming a staple part of life on wrists and walls.

The obsession with time has even been turned into a dance, with Hermes showcasing a modern dance piece to introduce its latest timepiece.