Decorating small spaces is ‘all in the details’, expert says

With increasing numbers of people deciding to refurbish their homes rather then move, guidance on how to successfully decorate a smaller space is probably very welcome.

Fortunately, has dispensed several handy tips to help those that don’t live in a palatial-sized residence – and it appears the rule of thumb is to bear the little details in mind.

There’s no need to compromise on style or function, the publication says, nor does it have to be boring. Without much room, it’s easy to make a room appear cluttered with objects and artwork. Instead, it’s a better idea to create ‘visual stimulation’ through the choice of furniture, for example, opting for a sofa that’s upholstered in a funky print or a worktop honed out of glittery granite.

Without much space, it’s also key to make use of multi-functional pieces that serve a dual purpose. Anything that offers hidden storage is great, such as a plush footstool that can also act as a coffee table, cupboard and extra seat.

In terms of trends, animal print is regaining popularity, according to Interiors expert Robert Rufino insists that this influence is ‘full of whimsy’, using imagery, prints and hides (real or fake) to create a dramatic effect. Leopard and zebra prints are favoured, as they are actually fairly neutral and can fit in with any colour scheme.

It’s worth remembering that in a small space, less is more, thus incorporating animal print might be best done with interesting cushions or rugs as opposed to mounting antlers on the walls.

Ultimately, the publications claim it’s well worth taking time to choose fabrics and furniture as the details ‘can really make a huge difference to a space, drawing the eye around the room’ – no matter the size.