Don’t buy matching bedroom decorations, says designer

Buying matching accessories is just one of the mistakes that people could be making when it comes to bedroom design, an article has highlighted.

According to, designer Sandra Espinet says that people should find items that complement each other in the bedroom, not match – as she says matching items look dull.

“I see homes where the bed, nightstands, chest of drawers and mirror are all identical,” she said. “It is very boring and looks like a sales special. Take a little bit of time and find ‘coordinating’ pieces vs. ‘matched’ pieces. Take a little bit of time and find special pieces you love for your bedroom.”

Another common mistake when it comes to bedroom design is placing too many pillows on the bed, creative director of Calvin Klein Home, Amy Mellen says. She notes that too many pillows looks “fussy” and that it simply takes too much effort to take them off and put them back on every day – which doesn’t work very effectively as a relaxing wind down to bedtime.

Something else which could potentially affect someone’s sleeping pattern is the use of bright colours in the bedroom. Designer Nathan Turner says the bedroom should be the one room in which you tone down colours rather than experimenting with harsh ones.

In a separate article, interior designer Judith Taylor says that the bedroom should be decorated to suit both partners – not just one. Writing for, she notes that many bedrooms are too feminine but it is possible to compromise. One solution she recommends is not using too much colour. Not only does keeping it simple highlight how nice your furniture is, it also helps keep both parties happy.