Don’t get stuck in a rut with colour in the home

A new guide published this week has urged homeowners not to get stuck in a rut when it comes to colour schemes in the home.

The article, posted on, said that many people who decorate their home tend to stick with safe options, however it urges people to “go for it” when it comes to bold colour choices in their home.

A number of unusual colour schemes are recommended. This includes rust and grey-blue. The article reads: “Because they are just about opposite on the colour wheel, these colours look great against each other. And they’re a lot easier on the eyes than a true orange and blue.”

Bright pink and orange is also named as a good combo, as is coral and turquoise and bold red and lemon yellow. The former option is noted as being great in kitchens, as it creates an “energetic” palette which is “perfect for high-traffic areas”.

However, it also claimed that homeowners who are going to use this scheme will want to balance it out with some neutral tones so it doesn’t look too brash. This could include decor such as olive walls or granite worktops.

Another article published on this week said that those who have a small kitchen should make sure they use bright colours. Shades that were suggested included off-white, lavender and, again, yellow.