Don’t make your home interiors too “matchy”

An interiors expert has claimed that home decorators shouldn’t make their interiors too “matchy”.

Cheryl Smith, a representative of US company Decorating Den Interiors, was writing an article for this week. She claimed that home decorators should take inspiration from the latest fashion designers when it comes to their home and get adventurous.

Ms Smith wrote: “If fashion designer Kenneth Cole can embrace prints, stripes, dressy and casual, all in one outfit, then why not do the same in your home?”

She continued: “Much like you don’t want to see the same dress you are wearing at a party, you don’t want your home to look just like some other one. You want it to reflect your lifestyle, your taste, your personality. Your decorating should tell a story about you and your family.”

However the design expert does admit that there needs to be a common thread to a room, such as a colour, style or theme. For example, homeowners may want to go for an ‘earthy’ feel with their bathroom. This could mean they include lots of different accessories in different shades, but that have an earthy feel to them, such as plants, wood and granite worktops.

Meanwhile another article this week has given homeowners tips on how to change their decor for the current season. Designer Elizabeth Boland said that most people don’t have the money to change the entire look of their house for each of the four seasons.

Instead, she suggested that those who want a update should try changing the accessories used in their rooms.