Seven large and luxurious kitchens that will inspire you to remodel

Are you in love with your kitchen, or does it just suffice? It’s a question every homeowner asks themselves eventually. Not everyone’s in the position to create their dream kitchen, but if you are, you really owe it to yourself to go for it.

With great space comes great responsibility to make that space, well, great, and if you have a large kitchen and want to transform it into the ideal heart of your home, the possibilities are endless. So, to give you some inspiration, here are eight large and luxurious kitchens that could inspire your new kitchen.

1. Large open plan kitchen

As the kitchen is so often the vibrant social hub of the house, you’ll want to make sure it can house the whole family. This kitchen is a great example of an open plan design that combines dining and lounge areas with a lavish and generous cooking space.

The grand kitchen island, a common feature in so many of the examples in this list, is complete with an attractive granite worktop and large central white sink, not to mention a hefty amount of storage space.

2. Rustic and elegant kitchen

This kitchen combines an almost rustic-feel with modern elegance. The sophisticated wooden cabinet design is perfectly complimented by the quartz worktop, while the dangling lights and corner lamp are exquisite additions.

The two-seater bar makes it perfect for entertaining friends, and gives them a front-row seat to the delicious meal you’re preparing for them.

3. Beautiful and sleek kitchen

Similar to the previous example, this beautiful and sleek kitchen also has wooden storage exteriors, but combines them with a stylish wooden floor. There’s plenty of quality stone here too though; the granite worktop and round stone bar really elevates this kitchen into realms of perfection, whilst the glass table is the icing on the cake.

4. Stylish minimalist kitchen

Of course, it might not be a house you’re looking to remodel, but a large flat or loft. The above example shows just how stunning a minimalist kitchen can be. There’s no flash or pretence, just quality stone worktops, stylish stools, and plenty of room for storage. It’s clean and pristine, as every kitchen should be.

5. Indian Black Leathered Granite kitchen

County Stone recently fitted 30mm ‘Indian Black Leathered Granite’ worktops to a customer’s stunning kitchen in Chandlers Ford. As you can see, the granite worktops really compliment the shaker style kitchen and travertine flooring. The Indian Black Leathered granite offers a dark and textured finish to countertops, making them the perfect partner to any style of kitchen – modern or traditional.

6. Large island kitchen                               

This amazing kitchen has an almost identical sink to the County Stone-fitted one above, and we love the creamy beige colour of the worktop. The zigzagging tile pattern on the floor works incredibly well with the curving cupboards and worktops, a perfect juxtaposition with the straight wooden beams overhead. Again, the two comfy chairs make it an ideal place to entertain or share a bottle of wine (although we spy a comfy looking couch in the background too).

7. Cosy but large farmhouse kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen manages to maintain a cosy atmosphere despite having plenty of space around the long wooden dining table. The movable kitchen island on the right of the photo is perfect for when you’re cooking up a storm, as it allows you to move it closer to your other granite worktops to create more space. Meanwhile, the whole family can hang out around the table and keep you company.