Experts dispense tips for incorporating colour in the kitchen

Subtlety is key when incorporating bright colours into the kitchen, two interior design sites assert.

There was a time when all kitchens seemed to be ‘wood-coloured’, where neutrals were used as a failsafe, timeless option. The kitchens may not have dated in the traditional sense but boy, they were boring. Fortunately these days, more homeowners are looking to incorporate bright colours into the most import rant room in their home and it’s easier than first thought.

Yellow is a colour that is often considered for a kitchen, for it’s ‘sunny’ connotations, but typically shunned for comfortable magnolia. Yet it can be used to good effect, writes. A simple yellow feature wall can ‘frame’ a kitchen and provide an effective backdrop against which kitchen items can hang.

Alternatively, homeowners can make a feature out of an appliance, such as a fridge freezer, which is typically hidden away. Choosing a bright yellow model can ‘bring an element of surprise to an otherwise refined kitchen’, the site says. Another idea is to keep the cupboards and furniture plain but use bright tiles and a matching skirting board. This subtle technique does not assault the senses, instead it appears modern and sophisticated.

However, according to, the single biggest tip for successfully incorporating bright colours, is simply: ‘don’t overdo it’. Bold colours can add vibrancy and drama, provided they are used sparingly. Bright appliances can pop next to a grey granite work surface, while a colourful splashback will add fun – but is easily changed.