Interior design writer offers tips on maximising home space

An interior design writer has offered tips on how to make the most of limited space in the home. Writing for, Dominic Lutyens claims that imaginative solutions are the key to space saving.

He writes: “For starters, today’s technology for the home could almost have been invented for downsizing. After all, it’s shrinking inexorably in size thanks to the boom in single devices that perform a multitude of functions.

“There are plenty of downsizing design solutions, too, ranging from radical structural alterations to nifty space-saving ideas – and even illusory ruses for making rooms appear bigger.”

With kitchens being multi-functional rooms in smaller properties, having alternative storage areas can make a big difference. Putting the washing machine in the upstairs hallway can free up space for the storage of items that may be cluttering worktops. featured photographs of kitchens with doors removed from cupboards to give a more open-plan effect. Storing items in drawers inside the cupboard means gaining the illusion of space without actually creating any in reality.

Lutyens also adds that having a minimalistic theme can make areas look bigger than they are. Things like mirrors, light fabrics and little furniture add to the look, without cluttering up the room too much.