LED lighting and colourful sinks hailed as latest kitchen trends

No matter the budget, time restraints or inclination, new trends reveal there are plenty of ways to transform the main room in the house into the ideal kitchen.

Regardless of whether it’s a full-scale renovation or simply a smaller project to improve the kitchen, home-owners can both improve and add value to theirs by following some new home interior tips.

The first trend, according to the dailyherald.com, is for brightly-coloured sinks. Though it may appear a bold move, plumbing expert Ed Del Grande extols the virtues of kitchen sinks that aren’t stainless steel or white ceramic.

Trade shows, he writes, have been recently displaying blue, green and yellow models – colours which can brighten up any dreary kitchen. While he appreciates some of the colours could be considered ‘retro’, he added that there can “always [be] a rainbow in your kitchen, even on a dreary day”.

What’s more, set within complementing granite worktops, citrus-hues or nautical-shades can really make a statement. For a less daring change, upgrading the lighting might prove a better solution. LEDs are growing in popularity and the range available has grown in recent months.

As such, home-owners could choose efficient motion-sensor operated lights, improved ‘task lighting’ around work stations or functional strip lighting that runs along cupboards, pjstar.com writes. That’s not to mention downlighting or funky-shaped decorative illuminations.

LED bulbs are increasingly replacing halogen versions, providing better light quality, colour and a reduction in energy consumption. Clever placement of flexible LEDs can change the look and feel of a kitchen without breaking the bank, creating a stunning effect.