How many bathrooms does a house need?

There are a lot of issues that need to been considered when planning a new-build or renovating an existing home. One of these main concerns is how many bathrooms your house may need.

Get it wrong and you could see yourself  fighting for a shower in the morning if you don’t have enough bathrooms, or having facilities you don’t even need if you build too many.

What is the standard amount?

On average, most people make sure that they have one bathroom for every two bedrooms that they have in their house. For example, in a three-bedroom home, it would be likely that there would be a main/family bathroom, which would be used predominantly by the children or those that pay less rent. It would also have master en-suite, typically used by the parents or the home-owner, who would benefit from the privacy.

In a five-bedroom home however, there would be two en-suites, as well as a family bathroom. This second en-suite would enable any guests to have their own bathroom, so they don’t face any embarrassment trying to use the main bathroom. Extra facilities would also mean that there are less arguments over bathroom usage – otherwise things may become quite overcrowded, especially at peak times, such as in the morning before work and school.

Modern bathrooms

Some modern homes now have one bathroom installed per room. This is especially useful in a student home, as it means there is less chance for any uncomfortable situations if occupants aren’t that well-acquainted. Families who have the money to install several bathrooms could also opt for this option, however it will require a lot of space which could be used for other rooms and will be more expensive, as facilities and products will need to be bought for each bathroom.

Downstairs bathroom

As well as a typical bathroom, most people like to add a facility downstairs for guests use. This usually contains just a toilet and a sink, rather than full bathroom facilities such as a bath or shower.

The number of downstairs bathrooms will typically stay the same however, no matter how many bedrooms the house has.

Just remember that it may be nice to have several bathrooms in your home, but make sure you think about how it will affect space. You also need to make sure that any plans fit with your budget.