Mix-and-match kitchen are bang on trend, says design expert

If you are looking to update your kitchen soon, then you better look for some mis-matched accessories.

This is the advice of design expert David Nicholls. He claims in his latest post for telegraph.co.uk that a kitchen full of clashing furniture and accessories is the best way to design an eclectic kitchen.

Ways Mr Nicholls recommends to achieve this clashing effect correctly including the use of different types of woods. He says that those doing this should use darker toned woods for base units and lighter shades on wall units. The design expert also said different cabinet door styles can be installed for an effective clash, however claims that those attempting this should make sure that there is consistency within each ‘unit’.

The writer does admit however that when using inconsistent accessories in kitchens, there should still be a running theme. He wrote: “The most successful kitchens will work around a unified theme that has been carefully planned. Put a mood board together than consider colours, materials, tiles, light and so on.”

He claims this is particularly important when it comes to colours used, saying: “A colour palette is the easiest way to maintain a sense of cohesiveness.”

Matching bold colours with clashing accessories was also named as a top interior design trend for 2013 on a post by makeyourideasart.com, which was posted earlier this year.