Organise storage space for quick and easy bathroom maintenance

A good strategy for storage space organisation is key to maintaining a clean and tidy bathroom, it has been claimed.

An article from has suggested that keeping bathroom products in a set space makes it far easier to maintain a bathroom quickly and efficiently.

The article’s author suggested that can help prevent a bathroom looking smaller and more congested than it actually is, as well as making the job of cleaning it much easier.

They said: “The first and foremost step to organise your bathroom is to keep your bathroom accessories in order. This includes keeping all the shampoos, soaps, body wash and everything that contains soap and chemical in it in a cupboard. If you do not have a cupboard in your bathroom make it a point to buy one.”

It was suggested that bathrooms could be described as the “mirror” or the “cleanliness indicator” of one’s house.

With this in mind, many homeowners may be keen to put some extra effort into the bathroom maintenance over the holiday season where they might be entertaining a lot more.

Sue Doerfler, a journalist for, has penned some tips in order to help homeowners keep their bathroom clean with minimal effort.

“Instead of trying to clean everything at once, spread the most important tasks over days or weeks,” she suggested.