Reclaimed wood a hot new trend in the home

Reclaimed wood is a hot new trend in the home, according

Writers Joanna Simmons and Emily Henson said that the material has often been used for floors in the home, however it is now being utilised elsewhere. This includes being used on walls, to make cupboards and even to create bookshelves.

They also said that the use of reclaimed wood ties in with the sustainability trend, which many people care about today. They wrote: “Interior designers and homeowners are increasingly bringing once-used materials into the home and giving them a new lease of life. It’s a trend that ties in with the current drive towards sustainable living, and an aesthetic that is less about perfection and more about provenance.”

However, Simmons and Henson claim that homeowners who want to use the wood in their home need to strike a balance, as otherwise it could end up “looking like a sauna.”

Meanwhile another article this week on this week claims that wood can even be used for accessorising the home with fun signs that carry popular slogans such as “Live, Laugh, Love” .

LeAnne Stowe, who makes signs herself and sells them on her Facebook page, told the site that these are “super easy to make”. She recommended that those who want to give it a go look for a tutorial on Pinterest like she did and try not to make them too perfect.