Renovate your kitchen to up the value of your home, says guide

A new guide has recommended that if homeowners want to up the value of their property, then they should concentrate on the kitchen first.

The article, published on claims that the kitchen should be top of the decorating list, as it is the ‘heart of the home’ and a room where families spend most of their time. To upgrade the kitchen, Tessa Miller, the writer behind the article, says that stainless steel appliances should be installed if they aren’t already, as well as countertops made from stone or granite. It is claimed that these changes will ‘improve the aesthetic appeal of the space’.

Another room that should also be tackled first when trying to upgrade the home is the bathroom, according to Ms Miller. She writes: “A toilet that looks old, cracked or dirty (or doesn’t flush properly) is a turn-off-and the same goes for a vanity, which should be eye-catching and practical.”

A post published on this week also gave tips on how a few changes could upgrade interiors. These included repainting the walls a different colour, which could be one that is in trend for 2013. It also recommended concentrating on the floor, such as adding a new bold rug to make a statement.