Small bathroom remodelling doesn’t need to be a headache, experts say

Remodelling a small bathroom is easier than it looks and can add a lot of value to the home, writes.

According to interiors and building industry experts, the bathroom is one  – if not the – most popular rooms in the house to remodel; a fact which might surprise many people. However, innovations made over the last few years, plus housing market turbulence have made people more inclined to give it a go.

According to Home Depot trend and design director, Sarah Fishburne, the reason for this resurgence in bathroom DIY is “it’s manageable. It’s a weekend project – or a couple of weekends – that you can tackle yourself.

“Products are ever-evolving to make it simpler, too,” she added.

Using more durable materials might be one priority, writes, especially if the room is to be a busy family bathroom rather than a guest en-suite. Granite-topped vanity units, for example, would be strong enough to endure repeated spillages, splashes and knocks over the years.

Size needn’t be a challenge, either providing a few considerations are made. It’s important, for example, to leave enough clearance for doors – i.e. on the shower, cupboards or the bathroom door. A space-saving alternative, however, is to use sliding doors on any of these three items.

Floating vanity units are another way to consume less space while adding aesthetic appeal and using large tiles can have an optical-illusion effect, making the room seem larger.