Ten benefits of Lapitec for kitchens


Granite and quartz are both fine materials to choose for your kitchen or bathroom, as are ceramic and porcelain, but what if there was a material out there that possessed all the benefits of the above? Well, there is, and it’s called Lapitec.

This stone-like material is formed using a recreated natural process called metamorphosis. This technical process results in the creation of sintered stone, a unique product.

What makes Lapitec so special? Read on to find out…

1. It has a wide range of uses

Lapitec is mostly used in kitchens, but technically it can be used for almost anything. Its incredibly diverse range of properties means it can be used in bathrooms – either as a countertop or flooring – and even as internal or external wall cladding. Some use it for their fireplace, whereas other, more fortunate folk use it around their swimming pools, as you can choose to add a non-slip finish to it.

2. It’s resistant to pretty much everything

You’d be hard pushed to damage a Lapitec worktop or floor since it’s resistant to a lot of things that would normally damage other types of stone. For example, it is totally resistant to scratches, impacts and other sorts of scrapes it may endure in its lifetime. Therefore you can walk across it in heels and let the children play on it without any worry that your shoes or their toys are going to leave a mark.

It’s also resistant to sudden changes in temperature, so it won’t suffer from thermal shock should the room suddenly become very hot or cold. Most other types of stone, whether they’re heat resistant or not, cannot deal with extreme changes in temperature, but Lapitec won’t freeze or thaw. The weight doesn’t have much of an impact on it either, as it cannot be bent. It really is a very strong and solid material.

3. It’s very hygienic

Lapitec is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which is why it’s used so much in the kitchen. You could even let the kids eat food off it without worrying they’re going to get ill (as long as you’ve cleaned the worktop first of course!), and if it gets wet, you don’t have to worry about mould growing on it. It also helps that it’s non-porous, so anything spilt on its surface isn’t absorbed into it.

4. It’s easy to install

Not only does Lapitec look like natural stone, but it’s also as ‘workable’ as it too, making it very easy to install. In fact, the installation process may even be easier with Lapitec than natural stone, as it is incredibly light. This doesn’t mean that Lapitec is any weaker; on the contrary, some believe it’s actually stronger than natural stone.

5. It’s made to stand the test of time

Similar to granite, Lapitec is built to last. Therefore, it’s not wise to have a Lapitec worktop installed if you’re planning on moving house any time soon. Instead, it should be an investment – so be sure to choose and colour and finish you definitely like! The manufacturer claims that the material should not change nor deteriorate over time. Since Lapitec isn’t affected by UV light, its sheen and colour should be retained throughout its lifetime too, meaning it will never turn a horrible shade of yellow.

6. It comes in a wide variety of finishes and colours

When it comes to designing your home, every element must complement the others. Therefore, it’s hugely important that you have a wide range of choice when it comes to picking your selected worktop, flooring or fireplace material. Luckily, Lapitec comes in four different types of finishes and a wide variety of natural colours.

The Lux Collection is designed to bring more light into a room, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It has a mirrored surface, but if you prefer something a little less shiny then try the Satin Collection, which has a softer look. However, if you don’t want a completely smooth surface, the Vesuvio Collection might be a little bit more up your street. This finish has more of textured feel to it, which makes it perfect for outdoor use, such as anti-slip flooring. The Fossil Collection is even more tactile, but the colours on offer are a lot softer compared with the other collections.

7. It offers a consistent and uniform look

Some people choose granite for their worktop needs purely due to the fact each slab looks unique – the veins and fissures are part of its charm. However, others crave a surface that looks absolutely perfect, meaning the colour and pattern has to be completely uniform. Lapitec offers just that, as it’s manufactured to look the way it does. This doesn’t mean that it won’t wow anyone though, as the end result is just as beautiful.

8. It’s easy to clean

It’s non-porous qualities means Lapitec is very easy to clean, as liquids aren’t absorbed into the surface. Plus, the surface is stain resistant, so you won’t have to scrub at it for hours after you’ve spilt a bottle of wine on it. Even if you leave food residue on it, mould won’t grow and as we stated earlier, the surface is anti-bacterial thanks to the use of Biotech technology. Lapitec even has self-cleaning properties, so really all you should need to clean your worktop is a bit of soap and water – simple!

9. It’s good for the planet

Not only is the Biotech Lapitec line good for your health, but it’s also beneficial to the planet. From production to processing, to transformation and end product, Lapitec is a completely green product. The material is inert, meaning it doesn’t release anything into the atmosphere, and it doesn’t contain anything that was created through petroleum processing. When you’re finished with your Lapitec surface, you can even have it recycled, where it will be turned into an aggregate.

10. It’s low maintenance

Unlike granite, which needs to be resealed every few years, you will never have to treat your Lapitec worktop. This is because it is already non-porous; plus, it’s treated with a mould and bacteria repellent solution during the production process to ensure the material will last. If you don’t have the time or patience to spend an awful amount of time cleaning and maintaining your kitchen, Lapitec is ideal for you.

You may not have considered having a Lapitec worktop or hearth before, but as you can see there really are a lot of benefits to using this material over natural stone. However, it’s all about personal preference, so we recommend going to a showroom to see everything that’s on offer before making a final decision.

Want to find out more? Make sure you visit our Lapitec page.