Trends are merging across different rooms, says interior blog

A new interior blog has claimed that trends have started to transfer across different rooms in the home.

The article, published this week on, claims that accessories which are usually seen in one room are transferring to different areas of the house. This includes things such as chandeliers.

It reads: “Chandeliers and other hanging lighting is leaping beyond the traditional placement of over dining tables or in statement rooms to the unexpected including the kitchen and bathroom.”

The process is also working the other way around, according to the blog. For example, it claims that tiles, which are traditionally seen in bathrooms and kitchens, moving to other areas of the home such as living rooms. Other products, such as granite worktops can also be used in multiple rooms, often being used in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Another big trend at the moment, which can be used in any rooms of the house, is neon. However, those who go for neon in their homes must make sure they look up-to-date, instead of circa-1980s, according to interior designer Tanika Nayak. She told “Use neon in small doses. You don’t want to blind anyone. My favourite use of neon is against a crisp white backdrop.”