CBS announces top kitchen trends for 2013

New technology advances, multi-coloured accessories, and using food as entertainment are among the big kitchen trends this year, according to US News channel CBS.

The trends, which are likely to make their way over to the UK too, also include a host of new multi-functional devices that could soon appear on kitchen worktops. These include a toaster that makes four cups of coffee and eggs whilst toasting, as well as well as a rice steamer that also works as a cooker and grill.

It is also predicted that more people will be purchasing ‘DIY’ products to help them make treats such as brownies, cookies and omelettes. Journalist Ilyce Glink wrote on “While the DIY spirit may not involve purchasing a lot of products, cookware companies have certainly capitalised on the trend and have a lot to offer to help you help yourself.”

Meanwhile, talked last month about trends for actual kitchen designs that interiors fans could expect this year. These included an influx of colour, clean lines for a streamlined effect, experimentation of different shapes for fittings and furniture with the inclusion of murals and artwork.

It also talked about ‘mixed finishes’ such as painted surfaces with finished cabinets to give an ‘eclectic’ look to kitchens, as well as retro influences from the 50s, 60s and 70s eras.