Cobalt Blue is the flavour of 2013, experts say

The editorial team at has revealed the trends it believes will be a hit in 2013 – and cobalt blue comes top of the list.

It is the design team’s first colour of choice, stating that it is being worn by many celebrities at the moment. By adding a piece of cobalt blue statement furniture, a room is given an instant energy.

“Such vibrant colours contrast beautifully with a wide range of shades, so finding a scheme to complement will be straightforward,” says the blog.

As blue is a cool colour, any icy overtones can be easily tempered by taking advantage of earthy colours such as creams, oranges and brown.

The interior designers insist that rich colours will continue to be the big thing in 2013. “The deeper and bolder, the better,” they say. For those who shy away from bold colours but want to dip their foot in this rich world, The Upcoming suggests that decorators use an accent wall.

“Coating a single wall with vivid raspberry coloured paint doesn’t seem quite as reckless as covering every flat surface in the room.” says that this splash of bold can be carried through into rooms such as the bathroom too, by contrasting rich colours against monochromatic materials such as granite.