Columnist offers tips for streamlining the kitchen

A columnist has offered tips on the best ways to streamline the kitchen and make it as functional as it can be. reports that space needs to be organised properly to make a stress-free kitchen.

Dave McGinn claims space management is a key part of making the most out of the kitchen. Hanging peg boards on the walls frees up drawer and cupboard space for other things, while making the most use out of often-wasted wall space is also important.

Decluttering is essential for keeping a streamlined kitchen area, so things shouldn’t be left lying around. If people have just splashed out on new granite worktops and matching cupboard doors, excess clutter can ruin the effect of an immaculate space.

McGinn writes: “Creating a streamlined kitchen means tearing down the one you have. Okay, you don’t need a sledgehammer, but you do need some boxes.

“That juicer might be on your counter, but really, how often do you make juice?”

According to, streamlined cabinets in the kitchen are a growing trend, with more people trying to make their kitchens look as sleek as possible.

Decluttering the refrigerator can be the first step to streamlining the rest of the kitchen. The look can start to have an effect on the rest of the space, with unwanted things being thrown away, and little-used items being hung up or put in cupboards.