Columnist questions next step for high-tech refrigerators

The next stage for high-tech refrigerators could be for white wine to be available on tap from the kitchen appliance, a columnist has suggested.

Mary Umberger, writing for, pointed out that the concept is not exactly ‘far-fetched’, although when she mentioned the idea to GE Appliances’ marketing manager John Boyd, it did not receive an overly enthusiastic response.

She pointed out that things have come a long way since the days when people just wanted their milk to be kept cold. Now there are fridges that pipe out cold water and hot water among other features.

“Of course, the devices still do that, though many models have been upgraded to meticulously dole out the cold air (and humidity) where needed, from keeping your bibb lettuce crisp in specially controlled drawers to dodging the dreaded freezer burn on your pricey salmon fillets,” said Ms Umberger.

The choice of refrigerator is often a challenge for homeowners kitting out their kitchen, as there are functional as well as aesthetic considerations to bear in mind. According to, a recent trend for overall kitchen appliances is for retro products to sell well.

Items that look like – or simply are – equivalents from the 1960s and 1970s are apparently popular. John Lewis’ electricals buyer, William Cummings, highlighted how such appliances benefit from a sense of nostalgia in consumers.