Decorating your kitchen for Christmas

If 2017 was the year you welcomed in a brand new look to your kitchen with the installation of some of our fantastic worktops then, of course, you want to show it off! What better time to do so than at Christmas, when you can bring a little festive cheer to your room.

While many people don’t decorate their kitchen at Christmas, preferring to focus on their living room instead, they could be missing out. The kitchen is the hub of most people’s homes and if you have your dining table in there you’ll definitely be spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen this festive season. Why not bring in a little more cheer with some beautiful decorations? Here are some of the best ways to decorate your kitchen this Christmas.

Gingerbread garland bunting

Gingerbread houses first became a Christmas tradition in Germany back in the 16th century and today, gingerbread is still synonymous with the festive season. What better decoration for a Christmas kitchen than some cheeky little gingerbread men. You’ll find a huge range of gingerbread garland bunting available and in a variety of sizes so you can hang it wherever you think will work best in your kitchen. Just be careful to ensure its not low hanging over the area you’ll be cooking in as the heat and steam could damage it.


Kitchens are really busy places during the festive season so you’ll be wanting to keep your work surfaces as clear as possible. Ornaments, such as ornate reindeers, snowmen and angels, can be placed in corners throughout the room or on windowsills or shelves, giving a festive sparkle without losing that precious space you need and covering up your new worktops.

If you have dark coloured worktops, silver ornaments will look great and really shine with the colour contrast. If you have white worktops then go for a rich, warm Christmas colour such as a deep red or green ornament.

Hang a wreath

Hanging a wreath upon your front door is a wonderful Christmas tradition and a great way to welcome your guests. So, why not bring the wreath in and hang one on the kitchen door as well. You can get a real traditional wreath or one of the huge variety of different types available these days – including frosted plastic berries, cardboard and a make your own version which could keep the kids entertained during a cold winter’s afternoon.

Fairy lights

As the nights draw in and the morning sun rises late, it can feel like we have our lights on all the time during the winter! So why not light your kitchen with festive Christmas fairy lights? A colourful twinkle of lights really brings a cosy feel to any room and if you are in the kitchen slaving over the stove, we think fairy lights bring that little bit of calm into the room.

How about hanging fairy lights around the doorway to light the way as people enter, or putting them in a vase and placing it in the centre of the table – it’s a great way of creating an intimate atmosphere for a family meal.

This Christmas, however you decorate your home, we hope that you have a wonderful time.