Finding the right kitchen colour scheme for granite and quartz worktops

When it comes to choosing the colour of your kitchen worktops, take your time, consider your preferred colour palette and think about the space as a whole. After all, your worktops will take up a fair amount of the colour scheme in your kitchen and they’re not something you want to replace often, so it’s important to choose wisely. When you opt for granite or quartz worktops, they’re likely the most durable part of your kitchen, lasting long after you’ve changed the style of your interiors and even the doors and appliances.

As experts in hand-crafted stone and granite, we’ve put together this guide to explore how you can choose a worktop colour that will enhance the shape and size of your kitchen, whilst also reflecting your personal taste and style.

Listen to your gut feeling

This isn’t necessarily a top tip, but when looking at different styles and colours of stone, you might have an initial gut feeling that stays with you. If you do, don’t ignore your gut, but carefully consider why you’re instantly attracted to a particular stone and colour. Sometimes if you know, you know, and in the end, it’s going to be your kitchen, so you need to love it.

Keep it neutral if you love to change

If you’re the type of person who loves change and will update colour schemes, such as painted walls, decorations, curtains etc. more frequently, it’s best to opt for a more neutral tone. Neutrals such as white, black, grey and beige will easily work with a range of colour themes and styles, so you can still have the flexibility to change the look and feel of your kitchen across different seasons.

Choose a lighter worktop for a brighter space

If you want to brighten your kitchen and maximise the natural light, chose a light-coloured worktop. For example, white stone worktops will not only make your kitchen feel brighter but also larger as the light will bounce off its surface around the room. If pure white is too bright and sterile for you, you could opt for a white granite worktop, such as Ivory White or White Galaxy, which will still provide that bright look but with added character.

Mix and match across different zones

If you have a sizeable kitchen with different zones and workspaces, you may want to mix and match worktop shades to create clear cut areas, or even just to make a style statement. For example, many on-trend kitchens will choose a contrasting stone for an island or breakfast bar to create a distinct visual difference.

Know what you want to achieve

Look for ideas and images of kitchens you love, whilst also deciding what you want to achieve from your kitchen. Do you want it to have that ‘wow’ factor and make a completely unique statement? Do you want something contemporary yet practical? Do you want a neutral no-fuss worktop?


If you would like to discuss your kitchen design further and speak to an expert member of our team about what colour scheme is best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to help!