Kitchen Trends in 2023

industrial modern grey kitchen design trends 2021 with Radium Dekton Worktop

Kitchen Trends 2023

Upgrade your space with these unmissable kitchen ideas for every style and budget

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the kitchen was tucked away from the rest of the home. Behind the kitchen door, devoted homemakers rustled up grub for the family and did household chores. It was a private place, and certainly not somewhere to invite visitors.

Wow, how things have changed! 

Kitchens have gone up the rankings from being pretty much the least visible room in the house to being the most public. It’s where we still cook for sure, but it’s also where we eat, relax, socialise and even teach and work. It’s the hub of family life and the high-traffic heart of the home. Kitchen walls have come tumbling down and that has opened up a world of kitchen design possibilities.

They can be modern and inviting or classic and cosy. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top kitchen trends for 2023 – from vibrant colours and stunning stone slabs to dynamic storage solutions and smart technology. So let’s get started on exploring these exciting kitchen trends that are sure to make your space stand out in style next year!

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This Year's Top Kitchen Trends

Stunning Stone Stone Slabs

Bianco Eclipse quartzite Countertop

The kitchen trend of stone slabs for worktops is truly an exciting development, as stone brings its natural beauty to the space in a way that no other material can. Whether you choose natural stone or manmade stone, it’s impossible to deny its undeniable beauty – stone will add character and a hint of luxury to any traditional or contemporary kitchen. Plus, stone not only looks stunning when installed in the home, but will also continue to age gracefully over time based on how it’s cared for so that it will become even more beautiful as it matures. All in all, stone slabs like Quartz and Granite create more heart-warming spaces that are enhanced with nature’s moments captured in stone!

Reimagined Kitchen Islands for Social Spaces

Polished black granite worktops in a modern kitchen with white cabinets and black handles

Kitchen islands are gaining attention for their creative designs and social functions. The latest trend is to reimagine kitchen islands to create an ideal social space. Kitchen islands are being tailored with more seating and interesting design elements, like circular island ends, to make it more approachable and inclusive no matter the occasion. This new way of thinking about kitchen islands allows everyone to feel included in impromptu hangouts while cooking or entertaining, as well as a cosy environment for relaxing with family. Kitchen islands have become more than just functional pieces- they’re now social pieces too!

Mixed Metal Details

Mixed metal kitchen trend for a Large kitchen with gold trim details

The mixed metal kitchen trend is quickly becoming a showstopper. Homeowners everywhere are mixing and matching brass, bronze, stainless, nickel and more in their kitchen to create inviting visual richness. From taps to furniture frames, fixtures to fittings, there’s no limit of ways homeowners can combine different metallic finishes to keep their kitchen looking unique and current. Who said mixed metals couldn’t be beautiful? We sure as heck didn’t. So go ahead and make your statement with mixed metals in your kitchen today!

Brights Colours Mixed With Warm Woods

Bright colours with mixed warm wood kitchen trend

Bright colours mixed with warm woods have been a huge trend in 2022 and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. We’re seeing creative colour combinations with bright painted cabinetry being paired with warm wood cabinetry – adding a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. While lighter and chalkier shades are becoming more popular, the combination of dark stained woods with bright hues is also making a strong comeback. Brights colours mixed with warm woods will continue to be the go-to look for 2023 and beyond.

Stone Slab Backsplashes

Bianco Eclipse Quartzite Stone Kitchen Splashback

Stone slab backsplashes are becoming a more popular trend in kitchen renovation this year, and it’s easy to understand why. Stone slabs create an elegant and sophisticated look, while creating the perfect canvas for emerging creative walls. Plus, they’re much easier to clean than tile. Subway tiling is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and quartz slabs are being used to create timeless drama within the kitchen atmosphere. By using matching stone slab backsplashes and countertops, your kitchen will instantly become more stylish than ever before! Stone slabs are clearly dominating in 2023.

Wood Cabinetry with Detailed Millwork

Wood Cabinetry with Detailed Millwork

Wood cabinets detailed with beautiful millwork are a popular trend this year in kitchen design. A great way to make your space stay current and fresh is to mix wood and painted cabinets rather than having all one or the other. Embracing the natural grain and tones of the wood is better than covering it up with glossy varnish or heavy stains. Islands can be detailed with millwork, complete with a painted perimeter cabinetry for a stunning look. Even a hutch-style upper cabinet in wooden gives a warm, inviting touch when placed on your counters – more detailed than just choosing the typical shaker profile.

Designated Bar Areas

Kitchen bar area

Designated bar areas are gaining popularity when it comes to kitchen trends. These areas involve incorporating custom elements such as metallic grille inserts, brass shelving and bespoke cabinet hardware which immediately give the space an inviting and homey feel. Designating a separate area for a bar can bring character to an open-concept space while giving guests or family members their own dedicated spot at the same time. With this growing trend, our clients find that the end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds practicality and convenience to their living spaces.

Sustainable Materials and Eco Credentials

Eco friendly kitchen

Over the last several years, sustainable materials have become increasingly important when it comes to making improvements or doing a full renovation of the kitchen. As more homeowners have sought out sustainable materials when choosing products for their kitchen, there has been a larger trend towards sustainable kitchen renovation. This is because today’s customers are increasingly aware of their eco credentials and want to make sure that any new materials used in their kitchens are sustainable and won’t have a negative impact on the environment. For example, instead of using fossil-fuel based plastic counters and cabinets, sustainable options such as natural stone,  bamboo or formaldehyde-free wood can be chosen that not only look great but also significantly reduce one’s environmental footprint. Sustainable kitchen renovations are all about taking action toward bettering our planet.

Statement Lighting

Centrepiece kitchen lighting with a breakfast bar

Statement lighting is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular way to add a personalised touch to the modern kitchen. This year, stylish statement chandeliers and pendants are popping up in kitchens all around the world, no longer limited to a dining room or living space. Homeowners understand that statement pieces such as these can define the personality and style of their kitchen, and help make it stand out from the crowd. In addition to its decorative capabilities, statement lighting is also often used strategically in broken plan living spaces, providing an effective way to break up different zones while neatly connecting them with one harmonious design element. Statement lighting is truly transforming kitchens this year; it’s both an affordable statement piece and a great way to make your home feel more luxurious on any budget.

Hidden Electrical Outlets

A kitchen with hidden electrical outlets

Installing hidden electrical outlets in kitchens is becoming increasingly popular as the number of electronic devices we use increases. Gone are the days of simply needing an outlet for everyday appliances such as a coffee machine or toaster – there’s now a multitude of kitchen gadgets and tools, from food processors to ambient lighting, that require hidden outlets to stay hidden from view whilst providing easy accessibility and safety. Placement is key when it comes to hidden electrical outlets, with hidden options installed under cabinets being far superior; this not only keeps cords hidden but delivers a surprisingly clean look that complements contemporary styles. Ultimately, hidden electrical outlets can help you maintain the stunning aesthetics of your kitchen while still having access to efficient electricity.

Smart Technology

Smart kitchen technology

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in the modern kitchen and is playing an important role in making our lives easier. Smart appliances, such as refrigerators, can now be easily connected to your smartphone, so you can control temperature, view what items are left inside, or get updates on appliance performance. Smart lighting can also add to your kitchen’s ambience; you no longer have to fumble with light switches in the dark corners of your cupboard as LED lights come on when the doors open. For wine enthusiasts, temperature-controlled wine fridges guarantee that their favourite bottles are always chilled at optimum drinking temperature. Smart technology isn’t just making life easier for busy people, it’s transforming how we interact with kitchen design – a culture shift that’s being embraced by more and more households across the country.

Artisan Details for Lived in Homely Touches

An artisan kitchen shelf

Homely artisan details are proving to be rising trends in kitchen design as we move into 2023. We’re seeing more and more requests for handmade tiles, decorative handles, and thoughtfully crafted pottery placed around the room. Homeowners are incredibly receptive to nostalgic detailing and welcoming touches, such as bookcases displaying personal possessions and traditional farmhouse sinks with stylish sink skirts that offer a unique charm that is hard to resist. Home decor has been widely influenced by industrial minimalism but it appears that it is now being gradually replaced by cosy handmade elements to create an inviting atmosphere in modern kitchens. This move away from the popular sparkling show home style gives kitchens an inviting lived-in feel that stands out from the rest.

Outdoor Kitchens

Aura 15 Dekton kitchen worktop for outdoor living space

Outdoor kitchens have become extremely trendy and popular over the past few years, with many people embracing the idea of having a dedicated outdoor cooking area during pandemic times. These open-air spaces provide a sense of renewal and are perfect for healthy outdoor living and entertainment. Outdoor kitchen trends for this year will continue to focus on high functionality, as well as aesthetic design. For example, you can find an array of weather-resistant cabinets, worktops and sinks to make your outdoor kitchen even more practical. All these features combine to create an ideal environment for gatherings with family and friends during the summer months!

The Final Words on Kitchen Trends for 2023

Ultimately, 2023 is set to be the year of designer kitchens with a big statement. As homeowners continue to search for more luxurious and innovative designs, kitchen trends will undoubtedly become increasingly demanding in their pursuit of perfection.

With a huge selection of textures, colours and finishes available, you can use these trend predictions to create the ultimate contemporary kitchen for your home. From eye catching stone slabs to bright warm woods, intended bar areas and sweeping indoor/outdoor features – the possibilities are transformative.

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