Open-plan kitchens increase in popularity

Open-plan kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in homes. The idea of having a kitchen-dining area is a growing trend, according to

More people are getting into the idea of entertaining guests at home and throwing dinner parties, potentially encouraging homeowners to invest time and money into their kitchens and dining rooms.

Knocking through any adjoining walls can give the open-plan effect, offering a casual, laid-back dining space. A revamp of the kitchen may also be a popular option, with granite worktops, new appliances and flooring designed to match in both rooms. reports that a casual space in the heart of the house is a current trend, with the dining area becoming a multi-purpose space. Having an open-plan design means the room can easily be dressed up for a more formal occasion, or kept simple and casual for low-key events.

Monochrome is another key trend being found in homes, with the look working in various different rooms. Simple, white walls and dark chairs and dining table give a quick nod to this trend, without going overboard.

If the kitchen-dining room isn’t going to be frequented by guests that often, an expandable dining table could be a sound investment, allowing more guests when necessary, without constantly sacrificing valuable space.