Protecting your worktops from New Year party chaos

With the party season now upon us, thoughts turn to family and friends gatherings. If you’ve had new worktops installed then, of course, you want to show off your fantastic new kitchen – but you are probably also a little worried about how to ensure nothing damages them. If that’s the case, here is our quick guide to ensuring you protect your worktops from the ensuing chaos.

Tidy up as you go

If you are cooking for a big group of people or even just hosting a drinks and nibbles night, it’s inevitable that the kitchen will become a bit of a mess. To make sure nothing is put onto your worktop that might damage it, such as a hot dish, the best thing to do is to tidy up as you go. This means that when you remove the turkey from the oven you’ll have clear space to put it down. Which leads us onto to…

Protect the surfaces from heat

Ensure you use either a pan stand or a heat resistant mat when placing down hot dishes or trays. All of our worktops are naturally heat-resistant however prolonged exposure to high heats can cause damage, so make sure you put something down before placing down hot objects.

Use a chopping board

When you have a hundred and one things to do and not much time to do it, it can be tempting to cut corners. However, don’t be tempted to chop up the potatoes or the veg directly onto your worktop. Knives can cause scratches on your worktop so always use a chopping board.

Clean up spillages immediately

Spills from acidic liquids such as red wine can cause damage to worktops so clean up anything that is spilt or dropped straight away. If you are creating a bar area on your worktop where people can help themselves, it might be wise to place a festive tablecloth down to ensure spills don’t do any harm.

Don’t let anyone sit on the worktops

If somebody is slaving away in the kitchen, family and friends want to keep the cook company in the kitchen. However, don’t allow anyone to climb up and sit on the worktops as excessive or sustained weight can cause cracks or damage to the worktop edges. Get them to work peeling some potatoes or stirring the gravy if they really want to stand and chat!

Clean up using the right products

To keep your kitchen looking its best this festive season you’ll probably be tidying up quite often. Be sure to use the correct cleaning product for your worktop; one that contains no abrasive materials. Also, don’t forget to stock up on your chosen cleaner to ensure you don’t run out over the holidays.

Above all else we hope that you have a wonderful new year and that you take pride in showing off your fantastic new kitchen worktops.