Smart devices could revolutionise kitchens

The development of smart white goods could revolutionise kitchens, according to Appliances are being built to work harder in the kitchen.

While kitchen goods like refrigerators and washing machines have generally been left to do what they need to, that is all set to change with the introduction of internet capabilities.

Samsung have introduced refrigerators that have built-in touchscreens, allowing people to see what food is in the fridge and find recipes according to the ingredients. They also have the capability to link up to social media and run applications in a similar way to smartphones and tablets.

The revolutionary new devices could prompt a complete overhaul in kitchen design, with people expecting built-in devices on all their appliances.

Senior director of connectivity and sustainability at Whirlpool, Warwick Stirling said: “The tablet and the phone… have changed consumers’ expectations of how they interact with other devices.

“We could see a scenario, more likely within 10 years, where the majority of appliances are connected.”

According to, Samsung recently launched its new T9000 refrigerator, with the ability to connect to the internet via the home Wi-Fi network. It also has an app that allows people at home to add items to a shopping list, that’s updated to the shopper while they’re out.