Autumn is the perfect season for renovations

Research reveals that over half of all home-owners will undertake some sort of home improvement in autumn, reports.

With temperatures that are somewhat more bearable than those experienced in the summer, though not yet freezing, autumn is the ideal time to carry out a little home improvement.

According to real estate firm Zillow, that’s precisely what 52 per cent of home-owners are likely to do over the coming weeks, whether it’s fitting stone fireplaces in time for the colder months, increasing the home’s value with a new granite kitchen worktop or simply a refreshing paint job.

The most common ‘big’ renovations are said to be creating indoor offices with a dual purpose – i.e. including a sofa bed so that the room can be used to put up visitors. Parents are apparently ‘sprucing up’ play areas so that their little ones have somewhere in which to be active when it’s too cold to step outside.

Meanwhile wealthy home-owners in the capital are said to be hurriedly converting or constructing basements, before the rules pertaining to subterranean building work are changed, writes. Famous names, including Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich and F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone are said to be ‘dabbling with basement extensions’, creating cinemas, pools and even wine cellars.

Speaking about the seasonal trend, Zillow’s Cynthia Nowak said: “Autumn is a perfect transition time from outdoor to indoor activities, which is resonating in home improvement plans and trends.”