Bad kitchen design affects stress levels, study claims

A badly-designed kitchen has an effect on the levels of stress people feel, a new study has found. reports that a lack of consideration of design makes everyday life harder.

The Kitchen Stress Test was carried out by Lisa Walsh, a stress psychologist in Australia, as part of a project with Blum – a manufacturer of functional fittings and fixtures. The study aimed to find out how the quality of a kitchen impacts on stress levels.

Ms Walsh said: “The experiment has shown that the design and quality of your kitchen can have a direct impact on your stress levels. While stress can be an inevitable part of modern life, it isn’t always good for us.

“Coming home to a well-designed kitchen is one easy way to reduce your stress levels at home.”

According to, estate agents often give lots of advice about updating the kitchen of a house that’s due to go on the market, showing that people value the design of a practical kitchen highly.

The design of a kitchen can theoretically make cooking meals a pleasurable experience if everything is in a place that suits the owner. If there is no logic behind the design, finding the right products to create a meal can take longer, potentially increasing peoples’ stress levels.