Decorating your kitchen at Christmas – how to stay classy

Many people love to add festive touches to their home around the winter season.

Not only does it get you in the mood for Christmas, but it can also brighten up the home when the weather is dreary and grey.

However, it can be easy to go overboard with lots of Christmas decorations. So here’s some suggestions about how to keep your kitchen’s festive makeover classy, so that you can impress all your festive guests:


One of the main ways you can get your kitchen ready for the festive season is to add or change the type of flowers kept in the room. If you want to select these yourself, some of the best winter flower choices include classic red roses, poinsettias, chrysanthemums, complete with hypericum berries, orchids and carnations. However, if you don’t fancy making up your own bouquets, you will no doubt be able to find some lovely ready-made winter bouquets in any good flower shop or supermarket. You can also try winter plants if flowers aren’t your thing.

Festive tableware

The type of tableware you use can instantly update your kitchen for the festive season. For example, why not swap your ordinary table cloth for a themed one? This doesn’t have to that dramatic, with Santas and presents all over it. For example, why not just try one in a red or green shade, which are particularly Christmassy. You can match this to the types of plates you use, as well as the serving bowls, which could be either in the same shade, or a contrasting colour.


There isn’t anything much more festive than a garland. For hygiene reasons, you will probably want to purchase an artificial garland so that it doesn’t moult. These work great placed on window sills. To make your garland extra Christmassy, why not add some fairy lights, which you can wrap around it.


Instead of harsh artificial light, why not try adding a soothing glow to your kitchen with some candles this winter. These work well if you are having a dinner party, as they should help to create an intimate, relaxing atmosphere.

Added extras

As well as the main decorations to a kitchen, you can also create a merry feel from just a few added extras. This can be anything from Christmas-themed tea towels, to matching bows tied around your cabinet handles or a little Santa ornament. Whatever you do, just don’t go over-the-top with these miscellaneous items, as this could leave your kitchen looking cluttered and unrefined.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your fabulously festive kitchen today.