‘Downton Abbey’ paint goes on sale

Fans of popular ITV1 show ‘Downton Abbey’ will now be able to bring a little bit of the programme into their homes after the paint used to decorate the set interiors went on sale, according to telegraph.co.uk.

The grey paint was specifically designed for use on the Edwardian drama, which focuses on the Crawley family, led by actor Hugh Bonneville. The paint, which was created from recipes from more than 100 years ago, will come in two shades – Empire Grey and Amber Grey. It was seen in the show in the Crawley’s kitchen, which is one of the main sets for the programme.

It’s grey hue mean the paint will work particularly well for those who plan to include stainless steel within their kitchen, or grey granite worktops.

Paint company Mylands are the organisation behind the shades. A spokeswoman for the South London firm told thetimes.co.uk:  “The founder, John Myland, used recipes for a lot of really old, incredible colours, dating back to the Georgian and medieval times, from local traders. We have used these recipes since then and we believe that it is how authentic our colours are that makes us so popular.”

‘Downton Abbey’, which first hit screens in 2010, is set to return to ITV1 in September of this year.