Neutral colours increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathrooms

Neutral colours have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners decorating their kitchens and bathrooms, a kitchen and bath design expert has said.

Writing for, Andy Wells says that his research into design trends has revealed that more and more homeowners are deciding to have their kitchen and bathroom cabinets in colours such as grey, beige, blue, brown and off-white.

He notes that grey cabinets are particularly on trend, as they can make the kitchen look sleek and sophisticated without being too distracting. For bathrooms, Mr Wells recommends a relaxing blue colour, ideally in a shade related to water or the sky. Blue is becoming a very popular colour to use around the home, he says but notes that he think it is best utilised in the bathroom.

Mr Wells writes that homeowners can make their home transitional by blending modern stylings between each room. For example he advises people to choose a dark grey or brown cabinet for one room, then the next room should feature a lighter version of that colour. This is to make sure the rooms flow nicely and maintain the same modern stylings throughout.

An interior designer writing for also recommends having cabinets dedicated to specific kitchen utensils in order to make the most of available kitchen space.