One in ten tradesmen attending non-emergencies each week has revealed that each week, around one in ten tradesmen are called out to attend ’emergency’ situations – most of which homeowners could actually attend to themselves.

The website found that at least once every month, 37 per cent of tradesmen are called out to undertake menial tasks, like changing a light bulb. Others find themselves receiving some very unusual requests, like having to set free people who have been hand-cuffed to water or heating pipes.

Often though, homeowners could get themselves out of such sticky situations, but can sometimes lack the confidence to give it a go. However according to Rebecca Rowlands (a representative of Oakfield Home Improvement Lt), once customers see the handymen doing the job, they realise they could have easily taken care of it themselves.

“I get calls to provide a quotation for all manner of home improvements, ranging from large extensions and loft conversions to the smallest of jobs, like fixing a shelf,” Rowlands said, cited by

“I have found that some customers just lack the confidence to attempt these small types of jobs,” she added. “I would always encourage customers to tackle the smaller home improvements, such as hanging a picture etc. YouTube is a fab tool for guidance and advice.”

Although homeowners may now feel inspired to start hanging some new curtains or affixing shelving to their walls, they should still leave the heavy lifting to the professionals; hiring experienced tradesmen or women to update their kitchen worktops, for example. Plus, suggested homeowners leave any structural improvements to the experts.

Tasks homeowners can attempt include re-grouting tiles, hanging wallpaper and changing door handles, Rowlands concluded.