Wallpaper coming back into favour

Wallpaper is coming back into favour, according to a design expert.

Ivan Meade, principal designer at Canadian company Victoria’s Meade Design Group, claimed that wallpaper has gone out of fashion in the last few decades as homeowners turned to simple, plain walls. However, he claimed that it is currently going through a ‘resurrection’.

He said in an interview with nanaimodailynews.com this week: “I’ve slowly seen a wallpaper resurrection. People have started decorating in a more traditional way, including window treatments, wallpaper and different upholsteries. The design aesthetic is becoming richer again and is part of the design process.”

Meade also claimed that wallpaper isn’t just being used in living rooms and bedrooms any more, but is also making its way into kitchens and bathrooms due to the fact that current patterns are also available in vinyl. This material is suitable for these rooms as it is less likely to grow mould or peel off when coming into contact with steam.

As well as wallpaper, another article published this week claims that glass is being used more and more in the home these days. Mary Carol Garrity from home furnishings company Nell Hill said on charlotteobserver.com that glass accessories, such as a baking dome in a kitchen or glass compotes, can add a “magical” touch to rooms as well as “brilliance and beauty”.