Designing the perfect memorial

Designing the perfect memorial

When a loved one passes, choosing their memorial can seem a very daunting task. In the height of emotion and where they may be other family member’s wishes to consider it’s important to focus on the person you’ve lost, and what they would have wanted.

For some, the decision is made before death and communicated through a will, and so a straightforward thing to organise, but if it falls to you to decide what to do for the best, here are some tips to help you get it right:

What is your budget?

With all the will in the world, we would all choose the finest materials to commemorate our loved ones. Nothing but the best stone for their names to be carved on immemorial. But the reality for most of us is that we have to consider cost. Where is the money coming from, and how can we be sure the decisions we’re making in a moment of grief aren’t going to be financially the wrong thing for us when the bill arrives? County Stone have a team of highly skilled workmen who’ll help advise you on the best choices for your budget so there are no nasty surprises in store.

Consider the tone

When choosing your memorial, it is very important to research what the local parish consider appropriate for the churchyard/crematorium find right for their grounds. If in doubt talk to local parishioners and take a walk through the graveyard/memorial garden for inspiration into the type of thing that fits. That said, don’t be afraid to be original and unique in your choice. This memorial will last and last, so it is important it means all the right things to you and others who visit.

Future Planning

If there’s the possibility of needing a joint memorial in the future, this is the time to consider how best to manage this. Whether it is leaving ample space on the memorial for another name, message and set of dates, or making sure you choose the right spot, think about how that might all play out in time to come.

Designing your memorial

In modern times we are all much freer to choose what we most want and not be confined by traditions. If you prefer the more tradition memorial design then you will find examples everywhere to follow in terms of the wording, imagery and shape of the stone used. If you want to be more radical there is nothing to stop you from choosing something very bespoke. Think about who the deceased was and what they would have most wanted and you can’t go very far wrong.


Fonts mean the typeface used on memorial stones – so the shape and form of the writing.

Most of us, when we think about memorial stones, will tend to imagine quite traditional and formulaic fonts, as this is what we’ve seen most for hundreds of years. But if you take a walk in a modern-day cemetery today you’ll see all kinds of fonts and imagery are used now. The bottom line is really that you can choose what you find most aesthetically pleasing. Give it lots of thought and look at many examples and go with what your heart tells you is the best option.

Before starting the process of choosing and designing a memorial, it’s difficult to know where to start. At County Stone, we’re here to help you. Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.