How much does a memorial cost?

When a loved one passes away, it’s always nice to have something to remember them by when visiting their resting place, whether that’s a headstone, a vase or a statue of some kind. However, there are a lot of costs surrounding funerals and memorials, so it’s always good to go into the process with your eyes open so you know what different memorials cost.

Lawn cemetery headstones and memorials

These headstones provide a lasting memory for a loved one in the cemetery where they have been laid to rest. When choosing a headstone or memorial for this area, it’s important to take into account the elements that will affect your loved one’s resting place, and the location of the memorial. These factors can often affect the long-term condition of the headstone and will influence what material you choose.

The simplest headstone available from County Stone Memorials starts at around £717 and is a simple, polished surf grey granite with an offset peon top, giving it character. The granite material is very hard and durable so will provide a fitting tribute for any budget.

If you’re looking for something more extravagant, the highest price of a lawn cemetery headstone comes in at around £1760. This headstone is constructed from marble and includes an ogee top, splayed shoulders and a carved angel design to give it a classical, soft look, while still maintaining durability.

Church headstones and memorials

Choosing a traditional church cemetery as the resting place for your loved one often reflects the peace and spirituality that they may have possessed during their life. With these cemeteries, it’s important that the headstone you choose reflects the surroundings and complements the aesthetic of the church grounds.

Your parish minister should be able to offer guidance and advice with regards to what material you should choose and the inscription you could include on the headstone, so that the headstone you choose for your loved one respects and honours the memorials already in the churchyard, instead of overshadowing them. Mirrored or polished finishes are normally not acceptable.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective headstone or memorial for your loved one, prices of church headstones often start at around £1200. For example, our Birdham 11 headstone is a simple honed York limestone with an ogee top, giving a delightfully elegant tribute.

At the other end of the scale, the top end of headstone costs for church cemeteries comes in at around £2750, with the Birdham 18; this is a honed Welsh slate with squared top and chiselled edge.

Traditional kerb sets and full-length grave memorials

These kerb sets provide a beautiful border for any grave space or cremation plot. They reduce the amount of grave maintenance that needs to be done, whether you choose to fill in the central space with a cover slab or fill it with a colourful selection of chippings.

However, you should always check with the cemetery or church where your loved one is being laid to rest to make sure that they allow for the installation of kerb sets. Sometimes there may not be enough space, or a memorial of this type may infringe on other guidelines that the place has.

Prices for kerb sets and full-length grave memorials start at around £1674 at County Stone with an Eastergate 6 memorial. This memorial is a polished Nero Impala granite kerb set with a sloped face, which provides a forward-facing area for your inscription, and space at the head of the grave for flowers. The interior of this kerb set is left uncovered.

The higher end of the price scale is claimed by the Eastergate 4 memorial, costing around £3060. This fill length grave memorial consists of a polished Nero Impala granite frame with matching headstone and a solid top.

Children’s memorials and headstones

Memorialise a beloved child with a personalised headstone, including characters and designs such as angels or teddies, for a fitting and lasting tribute. At County Stone, if there is a particular image or character you would like to have incorporated into a design, we can work with you to create something perfect that fits your requirements.

Prices for a children’s headstone or memorial start with us at around £666 with our Patching 4 polished white marble memorial heart with a standing angel as a simple yet fitting memorial, which will last for years to come.

In terms of higher-priced memorials and headstones, to give you a price range, the most expensive headstone we offer costs £1398. This is the Patching 5 memorial, which is a honed Nabresina marble limestone heart memorial with an angel and rose design.

Cremation memorials and headstones

Even if your loved one is being cremated instead of buried, this is no reason not to create a memorial for them. Most crematoriums have a dedicated area for memorials where you can visit and remember your loved one with a memorial, plaque or marker stone.

It’s important to check with the crematorium to find out whether there are any restrictions on what memorials are allowed and where they can be placed.

The Bosham 6 marker stone is a good representation of the lower end of the price bracket for cremation memorials costing £656. It is a polished white marble marker stone with a sloped face and holder for flowers.

In comparison, the Bosham 24 memorial is situated at the other end of the price scale. It costs around £1243 and consists of honed Portland Stone limestone carved as a flat open book with a sturdy base and flower holder.

Memorial Vases

Including a memorial vase with your headstone or base, or having it stand-alone, can serve as an aesthetic yet practical way to brighten up a loved one’s resting place with some flowers. They are suitable for use at most cemeteries, both church and lawn, and also can be used as markers for cremation memorials.

The prices for vases at County Stone start at around £106 with the Chidham 1 polished white marble square vase. This can be used as either a sole grave decoration or as part of a larger design.

For a good representation of a more expensive memorial vase, look to the Chidham 6. This honed limestone square-based vase with sloped sides has a guide price of £1182.