Memorial costs & pricing

Choosing a memorial is a decision based on many factors: the type of funeral, where the memorial will be situated, design and inscription, to mention just a few. However, one of the most important considerations, yet one which people are awkward about mentioning, is the cost. We’ll admit, funerals can be expensive, but honouring that loved one’s memory isn’t typically something that we want to skimp on.

Headstone costs and pricing

With regard to memorials, at County Stone, we pride ourselves on providing value for money. We appreciate that this is an emotional and challenging time for our customers, so we do all we can to help them make an informed decision. This will ensure events go smoothly and there isn’t any extra stress or worries. Due to the nature of the work involved and the very many differences between requests, it’s impossible to give specific prices, but we hope the following information will give you an indication.

Memorial prices

Naturally, memorials in all their many guises vary in price. A simple granite lawn cemetery headstone might cost around £700, while a polished and carved white marble headstone could be around double that. Children’s memorials, which are usually carefully crafted into a symbolic emblem, perhaps featuring a teddy bear or an angel, are priced within that same bracket.

Our wide range of cremation memorials – some that are elegant sloped slabs, others that incorporate a small headstone or kerb set – are a wonderful way to remember a dear one who wasn’t buried. These permanent tributes can cost between £600 and £1,200 before engraving.

Churchyard headstones typically have to adhere to certain rules with regard to shape, so they fit with the existing memorials. They are usually more expensive than cemetery headstones, falling into the £1,200-plus price range.

Memorial costs and pricing

Full-length memorials and kerb sets sit at the higher end of the scale understandably, due to their size. Kerb sets vary in design from an integrated headstone to a flatter, sloping face for the inscription. The interiors are uncovered and usually filled with coloured stone chippings (which are included in the price). Full-length memorials are closed with a solid top which can be inscribed as appropriate. These larger options certainly make a statement and the basic memorial can range from £1,600 to £3,000 – it depends on your preferences with regard to design, lettering and material.

Most of our headstones include flower containers and fixing.

Some people would rather choose a memorial vase as a way to honour their loved one. Priced from just £100, this is a classy, hard-wearing receptacle which can stand alone or complement a headstone. Each come with a flower container and it’s possible to engrave these tiny tributes with lettering.

Design, materials and lettering costs

Of course, memorials that feature additional details – such as carved elements – will be priced higher than simpler designs. Honed or shaped tops, bevelled or chiselled edges, scotia shoulders and a high polish will add to the cost, but will also add to the overall effect. The type of stone you want will also affect the total cost.

We are often asked: “How much does it cost to engrave a headstone?” It’s a tough question to answer without full details. There are several forms of engraving available: sand-blasted, hand-cut or raised lead – naturally, the latter is the more expensive choice. Then there are the fonts and finishes to consider. A ‘cut only’ or ‘cut and paint’ will be less expensive than gilding, drilling or, in the case of the lead, formation and paint.

We charge by the letter, so a shorter inscription will cost less than a long one. Please call us for a quote.

To view our full range, please download our brochure. As we’ve said above, all memorials vary depending on the stone, finish and lettering. If you would like to contact us for a more accurate cost, please call 01243 544700 or request a quote – we’ll be pleased to discuss your requirements.