What to consider when choosing a memorial vase

A memorial vase is an elegant way to commemorate the life of a loved one and brighten a graveside. Memorial stone accessories, like a memorial vase, are a perfect way to show that your loved one is never far from your thoughts.

Available in a range of stones, appealing designs and shapes, you are sure to find a vase design to perfectly complement your memorial.

For your peace of mind, we have compiled the top considerations for choosing a memorial vase to help you narrow down your options, from personalisation through to design and choice of material.

What is a memorial vase?

Memorial vases are designed to hold flowers at a graveside. A popular choice, memorial vases can be chosen as a standalone piece or can be incorporated into a larger memorial, such as a headstone which includes a vase.

These types of vases enhance the aesthetic appeal of your loved one’s memorial and are a way to add brightness and colour to the memorial throughout the year.

Memorial vases for graves: what to consider

These key considerations may help you when it comes to choosing this personal aspect of your loved one’s commemoration:

Churchyard and cemetery rules

It is important to be aware that cemeteries and churchyards have different rules and regulations in place when it comes to the types of memorials they allow. In order to ensure you choose something suitable, contact your funeral director who will be able to discuss the location of the burial and which memorial options are allowed.


Memorial flower vases are available in a wide range of stones to complement the overall look of the headstone and the rest of the memorial. Due to their robust and durable qualities, stone, granite and marble are popular choices for vases.

  • Stone – this material has a natural appearance. With their soft appearance, stone memorial vases are suited to country churchyards.
  • Granite – granite is available in a variety of colours including black, grey, blue and red. This material requires little maintenance and can be polished for a bright aesthetic, or a matt finish can be achieved for a subtle, traditional feel.
  • Marble – marble is a long-lasting stone available in white to blue/white with darker blue/grey markings running throughout the material. The appearance of marble creates a delicate and soft appearance on the memorial.

These materials work best for simpler memorial vase designs. While stone, granite and marble are highly durable and popular materials for vases, alternative options that can be used for intricate designs include bronze and stainless steel:

  • Bronze – a perfect choice if you are looking for your memorial vase to blend in with the natural environment, this material changes colour over time and becomes less shiny, often with green shades running through the metal.
  • Stainless steel – this type of metal is ideally suited for those looking for a memorial vase to keep its shiny appearance over time.

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Design types

Depending on your personal preference and the overall design of the chosen headstone, you may decide to incorporate two flower vases into the design of your memorial, having one vase placed at either side of the headstone.

Memorial vases are available in many sizes, shapes and varieties, so you are sure to find the perfect way to commemorate your loved one. Vases with flat surfaces enable personal inscriptions to be engraved on them.

Some vases are designed with floral or patterned detailing, raised panels. Other vases are shaped into specific designs themselves.


Not only does a memorial vase enable you to brighten the graveside with flowers all year round, but you can also add your own inscription to the vase, adding another personal touch to the memorial.

As well as having a special message engraved about your loved one, you may also wish to add a picture to add a further touch to your personalised memorial vase.

How to decorate your memorial

For useful advice on how you can keep your loved one’s memorial looking cared for all year long with memorial decorations that will endure, read how to decorate memorials throughout the year.

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