Caesarstone White Attica

If you’re looking for an alluring combination, overflowing with a mixture of greys veining across a flawlessly white base and perfectly marbled, then look no further than Caesarstone White Attica. A classic white marble style quartz, the captivating veins draw your eye and create a dramatic effect in any space. Distinctive and yet still unique, every slab is entirely individual.

In classic Caesarstone style, you’re not only getting a beautiful work surface with Caesarstone White Attica, but you’re also getting an incredibly scratch and stain resistant worktop thanks to its natural non-porous nature.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish worktop to accentuate an intense monochrome look, or to create a modern and maintainable kitchen space, then Caesarstone White Attica is the worktop for you.


Thicknesses: 13mm, 20mm, 30mm
Finishes: Polished
Colour: White with grey toned marbling
Price band: Gold (£400-499/m2)
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