Dekton Entzo

Dekton Entzo is inspired by the natural swirls and veins of top grade marble. The pale ivory background comes alive with flowing gold veining, creating the perfect worktop for kitchens with a light and luxurious look.

Dekton stone is formed by an exclusive process of subjecting particles of quartz, glass and porcelain to the most intense heat and pressure. The result? All Dekton work surfaces are flawlessly smooth, exceptionally hard-wearing and visually stunning. Entzo is a beautiful example which combines the naturalistic appeal of raw marble with an impeccable finish.

In addition to proving a statement look for your kitchen, Dekton Entzo offers the highest standards of performance. Because it is so hard, it is wonderfully resistant to scratches and abrasions. It is non-porous so it won’t absorb liquids and stain. It can withstand hefty impacts too, as well as high heat. And it won’t fade in bright sunlight, even if used outside in hot climates. In all, it’s a virtually perfect choice for kitchen worktops, and in Entzo it’s at its very best.


Thicknesses: 0.8cm, 1.2cm, 2cm
Finishes: Smooth/Matte
Colour: Pale ivory white with golden brown veins
Price band: Platinum (£500/m2+)
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Dekton Entzo

The white background and gold veining of Dekton Entzo make it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of luxe to their light, bright, modern kitchen. Dekton Entzo is part of Dekton’s natural collection that offers the look of natural perfection of stone, whilst being a very durable and long-wearing material that’s perfect for kitchen worktops.

That’s because Dekton Entzo is made from a mix of raw materials that get put through a high-pressure, high-heat manufacturing process. This produces a heavy-duty material, with enough control to get a stable gold marble colour that you can’t guarantee with natural marble.

Dekton Entzo is available in a range of thicknesses, which allows you to use this both for a kitchen worktop but also in other areas around your home, for example, flooring, walls or even chimney breasts.

But it’s particularly perfect for use in kitchen worktops. Dekton Entzo is resistant to extreme hot or cold temperatures, which means that popping a pot on the side won’t leave any marks. It’s also so strong that it could blunt your knives, so you need to make sure you use a chopping board.

Your Dekton Entzo kitchen worktop will remain bright and golden for many years to come. That’s because it’s UV-resistant, so the sun won’t fade the colours. It’s stain-resistant, and can be cleaned very easily with standard surface cleaners to keep it looking bright and blemish-free. The surface should remain flawless because it’s so resistant to scratches and abrasions. It’s also been certified as carbon neutral for its lifecycle, which makes Dekton Entzo a smart choice for the more eco-conscious homeowner.

It is also possible to get a Dekton Entzo kitchen worktop cut from just one piece of material, to save joins ruining the smooth surface. This removes any limitations when it comes to size and shape, too.

Why order your Dekton worktop from County Stone? We know how to work with this material, which can, if incorrectly handled, be prone to cracking. This is why the 25-year manufacturer’s warranty is only valid when you have your Dekton Entzo worktop installed by an approved fitter, like us.  We’ve successfully installed many Dekton worktops throughout the UK so we know how to handle the material professionally.

When you are ready to order, it’s really easy to specify and order your new Dekton Entzo worktop. First, we’ll discuss your plans in our showroom – or our virtual showroom if you prefer to meet remotely. We’ll showcase all the suitable options and advise where necessary, to help you make an informed choice and think about things like edges and finish. We’ll then visit to measure up and create the template for your worktop. And when it’s ready to be installed, we’ll send the very same people round to make sure it’s fitted to perfection.

Why use County Stone?

At County Stone, we have been sourcing, cutting and fitting top quality kitchen worktops for over 20 years. We are a family business and we take particular pride in our reputation for complete customer satisfaction. We have perfected an approach which has earned us a growing number of 5-star reviews. The areas we cover are throughout East and West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and into London.

We start by talking you through the stone options for your worktop, either by phone, video or best of all, face-to-face at our showroom. We are completely independent, and you can rest assured that our advice is based on what our experience tells us will best achieve the results you have in mind. Uniquely for kitchen companies in the Sussex area, we will show you the stock of stones we keep at our workshop, giving you the opportunity to see the actual stone for your worktop. 

We provide fast quotations for your preferred options. While we are fully aware that we work in a competitive world, we ask our clients to be wary of low cost companies and individuals who do not have the experience of working with high grade granite, quartz and other stones. 

Once we have your agreement, we will visit your kitchen and measure up for a detailed and precise template for your worktop. Our workshop team cuts the slabs to size, including any recesses and awkward shapes. We prepare the cut stone with any fine details and polishing. The fitting team returns with your prepared worktop, and fits it accurately in place, ensuring that it is absolutely level and that there are no gaps at the edges or between sections. We make sure you are pleased with the result, and tidy up and leave your kitchen clean, tidy and ready for action.

You can book an appointment at our showroom, and we also provide virtual tours and video consultations. Either face-to-face or by video we will show samples of different stone slabs, and provide quotations for any worktop you choose.

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Measuring up

We visit you to produce a precise template


Our stonemasons prepare your stone in our workshop


We precision fit your stone, and leave your home perfectly tidy

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