Dekton Opera

Looking to make a statement? You’ve found it with Dekton Opera. As dramatic as any Italian Opera performance, Dekton Opera is inspired by the Carrara marbles of Italy.

The bold but muted veining in a symphony of greys dances across the surface. Dekton Opera is a masterpiece, creating a statement whilst also being soft enough to complement almost any colour palette.

Beauty and brawn, Dekton Opera is formed from an Ultra-Compact surface, which is a blend of natural materials creating a unique composition that packs a punch. Naturally non-porous, a Dekton Opera kitchen worktop is highly hygienic, stands up against stains and scratches and looks incredible.

It’s easy to care for your Dekton Opera worktop, simply wipe down with a damp cloth, immediately pop up any spills (especially dark or greasy liquids) and use a mat or trivet to protect the surface from hot dishes.


Thicknesses: 12mm, 20mm
Finishes: Smooth Matte
Colour: White
Price band: Platinum (£500/m2+)

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